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The latest from Staci & Kristy:

As you all know, the schools in the state of Washington have been closed until at least April 27th due to the Coronavirus. Additionally, many places that are available to gather have also decided to close their doors until further notice. Last Monday we had 15 members decide to sit out the rehearsal, over half of those were due to the virus. Since that date, I have been contacted by two members who have decided to quit altogether and several more who still do not feel comfortable attending our weekly rehearsals.
After much discussion with the Board and Staci we have decided to cancel this semester of PCC. Based on the upcoming six week break, the three rehearsals that we have had and only four that would be available after, it was decided that we would not be able to put together a concert of which we would be proud.
I have contacted Harbor Winds and they understand the situation that all of us are in at this time. I hope that we can pair up with their group at some point in the future.
The Board has agreed to reimburse each member for the registration fee for this semester. Next week Karin and I will work on getting that organized. In addition, there is still music that you all paid for that needs to get to you. In the next couple of weeks you should receive a packet in the mail with the remaining music and a check. Staci has agreed to use these pieces in the future so hold on to them.
Our world and community are in a state of “craziness” right now. This group is one of the highlights of the week where I can come and sing wonderful music with like-minded people. I hope that each of you are checking in on your friends and family and that you will continue to add music to your daily lives.
Please know that we are planning on having a Fall 2020 semester that will culminate in a December concert just like we have for 60+ years. I hope that each of you will come back in late August. Keep your eyes open for emails and notices on our web and Facebook pages.
Thank you for being understanding of this unprecedented situation.


No auditions – Everyone welcome!

Possible scholarships available.

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Rehearsal Schedule:

  • The remainder of our Spring 2020 season has been cancelled. Please check back for more information in the Fall!

If ever there is a question about a rehearsal being cancelled, please check our Facebook page, website or contact Kristy for the latest information. 

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