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Latest from Staci: 

Good day singers!

Great rehearsal on Monday! We have now sung through all of our music and the deep learning must begin.  Our rehearsals should now be about working together as an ensemble to learn and interpret this wonderful music to the best of our ability.  If you are able to work on your part at home (notes and words) that would help us a lot and give us time to work on other things (blend, balance, dynamics, intonation, diction, phrasing, cut offs and clean entrances, rhythmic accuracy, musical expression).  As a reminder the PCC website has recordings of all our music.  Here is the link:

If you missed rehearsal on Monday, here is what we did:

We sang through the remaining music we had not yet sung.  We touched on a few spots in each piece.
Deck the HallsGod Rest Ye, Christmas in 3 minutes, Ose Shalom, Amid, Wassail.

We then used a good portion of rehearsal on G Wassail – mostly from page 14 to the end. This is a tricky section because of the time signature changes. Sopranos and Tenors take a look at that last measure on page 17 – it’s still giving you some trouble. Our two soloists have already been chosen (from last year when we worked on this but did not quite perfect it in time for performance).  Thank you Audra and Elton. There are individual parts on the website for this piece only.  There are a few rhythmic errors and I plan to redo these ASAP.  But the notes are mostly accurate you can use it to help with your part.

Next we moved on to See Amid the Winter’s Snow.  We talked about the importance of intonation, pitch, and breath support.  This piece is GORGEOUS! I can’t wait to perform this one.  Worked mostly on notes and entrances.

We closed rehearsal with The First Noel and Betelehemu.  Keep working on correct pronunciation of words in Betelehemu (and memorization).

Next week, October 1st, I plan to work more on Wassail and Amid.  Also, Have you Seen the Newborn.  Solo auditions for this song will be on the 8th (during sectionals).  Then we will work on Christmas in about (this one is not too hard but the transitions between songs are a little tricky).   

If you missed Monday (or if you just want to watch it again), here is the Rutter clip I showed.

Rehearsal Schedule:

  • Monday October 8th – Sectionals 6:30-7:30/Full Choir Rehearsal 7:45-8:30 ** Solo Auditions for Have You Seen The Newborn King during sectionals
  • Monday October 15th – Full Rehearsal
  • Monday October 22nd – Sectionals 6:30-7:30/Full Choir Rehearsal 7:45-8:30
  • Monday October 29th – Full Rehearsal
  • Monday November 5th – Sectionals 6:30-7:00/Full Choir Rehearsal 7:15-8:30
  • Tuesday November 13th – Full Rehearsal
  • Monday November 19th – Full Rehearsal
  • Monday November 26th – Full Rehearsal
  • Saturday December 1st – DRESS REHEARSAL 10 am-noon at Harbor Ridge Middle School Auditorium – right next to the choir/band rooms where we rehearse.

Concert Information:

Concert Date will be Sunday December 2nd at 3:00 pm – Harbor Ridge Middle School Auditorium